Monday, October 31, 2016

Switch your Planogram Compliance Checks to Mobile

Planogram compliance checks are clumsy by nature. They require an army of people going to the different points-of-sale carrying around paper forms that need to be filled out and then transcribed, leading to mistakes due to double data entry and lag time between data collection and management actually reading it.

By switching planogram compliance checks to mobile, companies in consumer goods and retail will not only streamline in-store data collection and reporting, but also reduce clumsiness by eliminating the use of paper.

YouPlanogram is a mobile app developed specifically for planogram compliance checks. YouPlanogram allows for easy set up of quantities and schematics for each point-of-sale, so reps visiting stores have all they need to verify planogram compliance on their mobile devices.

Besides streamlining planogram compliance checks and eliminating paperwork, YouPlanogram also provides:
  • Support for activities such as photo audits, out-of-stocks, product placements and pricing, competitor prices and promotions, share of shelf, distribution, promotiono, orders and returns
  • GPS tracking and verification of rep activities, as well as routing and locating nearby stores
  • Access to store-specific visual planogram
  • Automatic timesheet reporting
  • Real-time reporting with easy export and copy/paste to spreadsheet tools such as Excel
  • A free, cross-platform app, readily available at the Apple Store and Google Play

See what YouPlanogram can do for your planogram compliance checks - sign up today for a free trial!

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