Friday, December 23, 2016

The Revolution of Mobile Planogram Checks

Merchandising audits and planogram checks are mandatory for any business in the CPG and FMCG industries.

However, significant crucial information might get lost amid the logistics of deploying literally an army of reps to multiple with paper forms to be filled out on several products.

Mobile merchandising software has revolutionized the way perform planogram compliance checks and merchandising audits are performed.

With mobile merchandising software, field reps and merchandisers can perform activities at the point-of-sale on their mobile devices. This means that a lot more information can be collected at the store level without the risk of confusion, missed papers or transcription errors. And since state-of-the-art mobile merchandising software has real-time capabilities, reporting on such information can be performed as soon as a visit is finished and data synchronized.

Mobile merchandising software capabilities also include:

  • Visit scheduling, routing, and tracking
  • GPS and time verification of audits
  • Capturing photos, as well as inputs for other visit data such as competition and share of shelf
  • Supplying reps with reference documents
  • Orders and returns

YouPlanogram mobile merchandising software was specifically developed for planogram compliance checks and merchandising audits, so it provides straightforward set-up and use. YouPlanogram is a cost-effective solution even for smaller businesses, with a free app that can be downloaded directly from Apple's App Store or Google Play.

Interested in learning more about mobile merchandising software? Sign up today for a YouPlanogram free trial at

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